Freud: An Intellectual Biography

By Mike Phelps
Freud - An Intellectual Biography
Freud: An Intellectual Biography

Author: Joel Whitebook
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pub date: January 24, 2017
pp: 496

In this book, author Joel Whitebook offers historian Salo Barron’s notion that if someone of Doctor Sigmund Freud’s stature wrote a book like Moses and Monotheism, there “must be something worth considering in it.” Freud: An Intellectual Biography is also something worth considering. Whitebook, who is Assistant Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University, has constructed an in-depth analysis of Freud’s life and work, making it clear that they are as much entwined as the mind-body connection. Whitebook points out, “a lacuna in Freud’s own psychological development colored and limited his theoretical work” (419).

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