Leonardo Da Vinci: In His Own Words

By John Knox
Leonardo Da Vinci: In His Own Words
Leonardo Da Vinci: In His Own Words

Author: William Wray
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Gramercy
Pub date: 2005
pp: 192

Few historical figures are as engaging to ponder than Leonardo Da Vinci, the renowned Italian artist, engineer, architect, inventor, humanist, and all-around “Renaissance man” (Wray, 6). He was (and is) the model by which all other future artists have been judged—both in regards to his awe-inspiring aesthetics and his uncanny mastery of the artistic craft. Although the immediate allure of this Renaissance celebrity comes from the exquisite technical beauty of the products of his creativity and imagination, less is known about the internal and external crucibles of Leonardo’s life that propelled, guided, and forged his great works that are so admired today.

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